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As an openly autistic attorney, I share my experiences and challenges to encourage greater acceptance of eurodivergent people. I want to shift perspectives, encourage understanding, and inspire greater kindness. My goal is to normalize autism.

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Autistic Speaker

Troy is an autistic public speaker and attorney who inspires audiences to think deeper about autism and neurodiversity.  His thoughtful presentations about autism are perfect for conferences, keynotes, neurodiversity panels, educational lectures, corporate events, and professional continuing education seminars.  He can customize a neurodiverse expert business speech for your organization, or speak on any of the following ASD topics:

Autistic Stories for Publication

Troy shares stories of his life as an autistic child and successful autistic lawyer to advocate for the normalization of how neurodiverse people are treated in society and business.  If your organization would like Troy to draft an autism spectrum article custom to your goals, please reach out to him.  Troy’s goal is to raise autism awareness and acceptance through positive and inspirational stories.

TROY DOUCET My Goal: normalize AUTISM Speaker + Author + Business Coach + Media Resource As an openly autistic attorney, I share my experiences and

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TROY DOUCET My Goal: normalize AUTISM Speaker + Author + Business Coach + Media Resource As an openly autistic attorney, I share my experiences and

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Autistic Business Advising and Coaching

Troy has started numerous companies and found success as an attorney helping people and small businesses with legal problems.  To help the neurodiversity community, Troy offers free non-legal coaching to new neurodiverse business owners.  If you are autistic or otherwise neurodiverse and would like some early guidance with your new business at no cost, please reach out to Troy for free help. 

Troy is also an excellent advisor for established businesses as part of a paid advising program.

Journalist Source for Autism

Troy’s lived experiences as an autistic person and his deep understanding of the law make him a credible resource for journalists looking for a source on neurodiversity.  Troy’s professional experience as a top-rated litigation attorney provide him the ability to clearly convey information to audiences.  If you are looking for background information, direct quotes, resources, or an on-camera interview, contact Troy for help.  His direct work phone is (614) 878-4588.

My Story

I have had problems relating to people my entire life.  I haven’t been able to naturally grasp social situations or why people think the way that they do.  I can process cause and effect well, but not outside what I’ve learned or been taught.  The problem is that my mind is wired differently than 98%+ of society.  This lack of awareness exists despite having a strong sense of empathy.

The mix of empathy with an inability to relate has led to bouts of depression over the years.  Wanting closer friendships but lacking an ability to naturally make friends was very difficult.  I felt incomplete and sometimes defective as a person.

My challenges in social situations led to bullying as a child.  Friendships suffered when I was a young adult.  As an adult, I have struggled in certain professional environments.  I seem to consistently manage to push people away despite a sincere desire to help or solve problems.

During Covid, I decided to look for help with depression.  During my search, I came across an autism test online and decided to take it.  That test indicated I had markers for autism, so I took another.  Same result.  A third test indicated the same thing.

Those results led me to researching autism online.  Everything I read made sense.  The stories and symptoms all matched up with me and my life.  Even the stories about how some autistic kids act like “little professors” was just like what my mom told me about my early years.

This discovery led me to get a formal diagnosis of autism at 43 years old.  It was a huge relief!  I couldn’t have been happier to put so much into perspective.  Knowing that I am autistic answered so many questions for me, leading to a sense of happiness that lasted weeks.  The diagnosis finally gave me the sense of identity that I always felt was missing.

My diagnosis also opened my eyes to how little society understands about autism, including what I didn’t understand before my diagnosis.  I see the misconceptions and the fear people have about autism.  Yet, I also know what a huge positive impact it can have on someone’s life.  I also now know what an amazing gift it is for society, and I want to do what I can to lift up those who are neurodiverse by sharing my own story.

My goal is to normalize autism in society.

Troy’s Bio

Troy is an attorney who resides in Columbus Ohio with his wife and three daughters.

As an attorney, Troy maintains top ratings from most of the companies that keep track of that sort of thing. He is rated AV Preeminent Rating from Martindale Hubble, and was named a Top 100 High Stakes Litigator for Ohio in 2019. He is a “SuperLawyer” in the area of debtor/creditor law, a designation only the top 5% of lawyers achieve. He obtained that designation the first year he was eligible, after being rated a SuperLawyer Rising Star for six years. He was awarded SuperLawyer’s national Pro Bono award in 2014 when his firm hired a dedicated pro bono lawyer to help the poor.

Troy has litigated hundreds of cases and dozens of appeals in his career, with several notable decisions that shape consumer law at the Sixth Circuit federal appellate court. He is licensed to practice law in Ohio and Florida, in several federal courts that include the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

He learned later in life that he is autistic. This information has helped enormously in understanding his life experiences and he is thankful for the diagnosis.  He shares autistic stories here with the hope that his openness can help normalize autism in business and society. Autism has created challenges for him, but also offered tremendous gifts.

Online Resources

Autism Curious?

The following sites offer free, anonymous testing that do not require an email to get a result.  Even if you think there is NO WAY you are autistic, check out one of these tests!  You might find out something new about yourself.

Free online test:

Free online test 2:

A little less user friendly:

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Legal Angle with Emmanuel Olawale, Living with Autism:

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